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I love eggs.


I love eggs.

The Paleo diet shares many traits with its sister the Atkins diet. Minus the fanaticism. Lean proteins, vegetables and fruits. No processed food. Moreover, god forbid fast food!

The Paleo diet is simple. Man (and yes woman) has been walking this earth for roughly … 2 million years (Woman perhaps longer?).

This is a good representation of the life of the Hunter Gatherer. Humans have spent millions of years eating the same way. Like the comics, they club their wild beast, drag it home and cook it up. Much like the Native Americans, they consumed and used the entire body. They hunted for their prey and gathered what was left over, berries, fruits, vegetables and nuts. There was no long fast hunt for wildebeests or saber tooth tigers. Hominids couldn’t afford to be tired or out of breath. Remember they were hunter-gatherers and prey at the same time. They stalked and hunted their prey. Came home empty handed many times. So they ate a salad!

Fast forward to around 10,000 years ago. This is the agricultural age. The time when humans stopped hunting their prey, instead they planted it. The birth of the processed age. Gluten to high fructose corn syrup, leavened bread to McDonald’s hamburgers. The natural progression from no longer having to chase your meal meant you could sit on your ever-expanding rear and wait for the crop to be ready to harvest.

So eggs, why do I love them so much. Packed with protein, good tasting and very versatile.

I spent a great deal of time figuring out what to make for a Paleo breakfast. I ended on eggs.

This is my two-egg omelet. It is derived from a recipe from Jamie Oliver. There is nothing in the eggs but salt and pepper.

I add a small handful of cheese (processed food!) and a heap of turkey cubes.

Boom, beautiful omelet.

Usually I add some bacon or cut up avocado to this. Other days I have a salad, mixed berries and bananas (my kind of fruit salad).

Super quick and super tasty!

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