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An Explosion of Bacon


Not all lean meat is created equal.

I had the high hopes for a dish a few months ago. It was called the “bacon explosion”.

Now what should have tipped me off was the bacon. A high dose of salt and fat that makes bacon taste so good. Well, your list of ingredients is as follows;

1. 2lbs Italian sausage or hamburger

2. 2lbs bacon, I preferred thick cut

3. BBQ Rub

4. BBQ sauce

5. Any other spice you wish to add

I take one package of bacon and fry up the entire thing. Once done and drained I crumble them up into bits. Obviously the firmer you cook it the easier it is to crumble. Set the crumbled bacon aside and begin on your first weave.

The weave starts like this, take 4 to 5 strips of bacon and lay them together on a cutting board. Now take another 4 or 5 strips and weave them in the opposite direction to the first. This creates a weave with the bacon just like with fabric. Go ahead and sprinkle on some rub at this point.

Next take your 2lbs of hamburger/meat, and spread it out over the weave. You want it to be no thicker than ¼ to ½ inch tall. Lay out the bacon crumble you made earlier, then layer on the rub and dribble some BBQ sauce over it.

Now at this point you want to start rolling the meat mix away from you, while leaving your bacon weave on the board.

You want it to look like this;

Move the meat roll to the middle of the weave. Carefully, bring the weave, one side at a time, up and onto the meat roll. The idea here is to wrap the meat roll in a warm bacon blanket.

Wrap the ends into the meat roll and let sit in the refrigerator to cool and harden for a time.

Go ahead and get your grill ready. I smoked mine on the grill for around an hour per pound (mine came in just under 3lbs). I used apple and hickory chips soaked in water the entire morning on my grill. Leaving one of the grates to one extreme side of the grill, and your briquettes to the other. This way your explosion doesn’t have direct contact with the heat.

The following pictures were taken through the three hour process. Get comfortable and grab a beer, it’s a long process that’s well worth it.

The final touch, I layer on some of the BBQ sauce during the last few minutes to let it caramelize.

I call this the pinwheel of goodness!

This kind of reminds me of an unhealthy meatloaf. I challenge you to try your hand at an explosion. Make it your own. Change the ingredients. I tried hamburger, I think in the future I may try Italian turkey and beef. I will also try and experiment with more spices than just the rub and BBQ sauce.

Leave a comment with your own results. Happy grilling.

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