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Vacationing like a … over worked caveman?


I have returned from a wonderful vacation in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

My group and I venture up yearly to a spot nestled on the edge of a beautiful lake south of Houghton. We were fortunate enough to have gorgeous weather this year. Blue skies and warm weather.

We spend a great deal of time up here fishing, and having fun. We of course spend the bulk of this time drinking as well. It is a wonderful spot for kids though; they enjoy the clear water and somewhat sandy beaches.

Albeit, some prefer to stay connected, I lived an almost entire week away from the phone, computer and internet. Other than the occasional check of the corporate tether and personal email, I stayed disconnected.

It’s not hard to do this in that environment. Beautiful water, sunny skies and family to spend it all with. We make no effort to cure cancer or feed the poor (besides ourselves). There is a lot of relaxing and a heck of a load of fun. Between Beer Pong, Jet skis (that don’t work), boating, Kayaking, nightly games and just sitting around a fire (my favorite).

Heck even a diet is laid to rest for the week. Between fried this and fried that. There is no hope for a diet lifestyle. In addition, you shouldn’t have to spend 168 hours wondering what you just ate or counting the calories in a fish nugget. As it relates to a Paleo lifestyle, you can still stay healthy.

Some of the things on the menu;

From top left to bottom right. The all-important Pastie! Chicken Bouillabaisse. Fresh catch of the day. Lastly, the largest Bass I have ever caught. This lovely put up a good fight so I was more than happy to return him to his home.

Now, what was not on the menu for the week?

Overall, it was a very good vacation.

Up next, I dig deeper into the Paleo Lifestyle, HIIT, and bigger and better training.

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