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All The Missing Links


I thought I would take the time to share my mentors, Blog rolls, guides and otherwise smarter people then I.


I have touched on the teaching of Erwan Le Corre in previous posts. I wanted to take it a few steps farther. MOVNAT comes from Methode Naturelle. Methode Naturelle was created by a Frenchman in the early 20th century. While stationed in Martinique, 27 year old French naval officer Georges Hebert witnessed one of the most devastating volcanic eruptions of the century. Georges mental acuity and leadership helped save hundreds (there was only 700 total survivors). Georges though couldn’t help but be reminded of the hundreds lost in the chaos of the eruption and flow. When he returned to France, he was astonished to see how many of his own Frenchmen reminded him of the people that lost their lives in Martinique. He wondered how many of his fellow countrymen “Would be able to carry a child on their backs? Or trust themselves to leap over a three foot gap? Or take an elbow to the face but manage to keep their balance and continue running for their lives.”* Georges felt today’s man was too hollow, shallow. Too concerned with appearance over substance. Georges convinced the French Navy to put him in charge of conditioning his recruits. His system he called “Methode Naturelle” this system preached a simple philosophy – “Be strong to be useful”. He developed the idea of the “core 10 skills”. Sounding familiar? Walking, running, jumping, walking on all fours, climbing, balancing, throwing, lifting, defending and swimming. Over the coming years he built giant indoor and outdoor facilities that mirrored a playground, climbing towers, vaulting horses, sandpits etc. In 1913 the “Be useful” system was a huge success, French sailors ranked amongst the world class athletes. Due to their world class dedication and fitness. Methode Naturelle soldiers were placed on the front lines of World War I and suffered huge losses. Georges Hebert himself suffered paralyzing injuries. Over the course of the subsequent years Methode Naturelle was forgotten about.

In comes Erwan Le Corre and MOVNAT (pronounced – Move- Nat). Taking the Methode Naturelle model, making it his own by tweaking to the world of today. Training prize athletes and normal Joe’s in Natural Movement. As Erwan puts it “Being fit isn’t about being able to lift a steel bar or finish an Ironman, It’s about rediscovering our biological nature and releasing the wild human animal inside”*.

*Mens Health – A Wild Workout for the Real World

The Paleo Diet –

I have also talked about the Paleo Diet in several posts. This is the catalyst that started it all. I will not bore you further rehashing what this book means. You need to go to your local library and rent it, better yet go buy a copy, dog ear the hell out of it. I still have post its sticking out of mine. Talking further about this book would mean several more pages. I will leave it at that for now.

The Primal Blueprint –

Mark Sisson was an endurance racer. Spent dozens of hours a week devoted to running and training. Typically training to run. When the proverbial light bulb blew, he realized how much damage had been done over so many years. Constant sickness and aches and pains. He began, like so many of us, to question what the hell he was doing. After years of study and research he has developed the Primal Blueprint, and as an offshoot, the Primal Fitness guide. A lot of what is talked about in the Primal Blueprint mirrors the Paleo Diet. Although some things are less taboo, like potatoes and good fat. I have latched onto his fitness guide as a blueprint to my own workouts not. Incorporating both MOVNAT and Primal.

Many website, blogs and such that I read on a weekly basis. Some add nothing to my life other than a great recipe and some affect me in whole new ways. A lot of them make me laugh at how they react to main stream cultures take on things. Peruse these and have a chuckle, but, learn something too.

Mike Nikoley – Free the animal

Free the animal is a great place to land and get a good chuckle. This is like reading a political discussion on something vague. He will literally rip anyone and everyone against the coals if it goes against his ideals. He also adds a lot of good views and experience to all discussions. Great recipes too.

Everyday Paleo –

Everyday Paleo is a family of cross-fitters that post awesome recipes. I wish even one of my kids would eat like theirs. Recipes for some of the best looking Paleo food I have seen.

John Durant – Hunter- Gatherer

John Durant got a little notoriety for an article in the New York Times. Then a great interview on the Colbert Report. Great articles on his blog, dealing with food to barefoot running.

Melissa McEwen – Hunt.Gather.Love

Melissa is actually in the same article with John Durant. Her blog expands a lot of the Paleo Diet and how it has affected her life. Similar to me, she had GERD for better part of her entire life. Again, her recipes are wonderful, as well as the editorial pieces she writes on.

Robb Wolf –

Robb has a website that is great for anyone looking to get in-depth coverage of the Paleo way. A student under Loren Cordain – author of the Paleo Diet (see above). He is an ex-weightlifter or power lifter I believe. As well as a pretty damn smart guy. He offers a podcast I listen too. Robb will take a simple thought like, “how does simple sugars effect the glycemic composition of toast” and expand exponentially onto it. It is a great listen and a lot of posts on the website are the same. He is also part owner of a California Crossfit and, a company supplying Paleo driven meals, snacks and other various foods.

There are a ton of other recourses out there that you will find. There are even different sides of the Paleo lot. Those that religiously follow Dr. Cordains view of the diet and those that follow others. These “others” have added a few of the things that or outlawed, or frowned upon in Dr. Codains book. Fats, some veggies and the like are added. In the mindset of most, if it is unprocessed, it is good. I tend to follow this mindset as well. I am Irish after all, if you say I must never touch a potato again, I might beat you to a pulp! I know I am leaving out quite a few as well. Paleo isn’t going away and you will start to hear more and more about it in the mainstream. You will start to hear (and already are) that red meat isn’t the bane it once was. A nice pat of real butter isn’t so bad after all. How about throwing in some of that nice tasty lard?

All of these folks and sites have simply pointed out the chasm that is in front of billions of people on this planet today. On one side is the McDonalds and on the other is a pasture of grass fed beef simmering in bacon grease. I can’t put it all on McDonalds, or any other fast food place. In fact the blame finger is going to point squarely in my own direction. Just as your own blame finger should point to you as well. We are all to blame for the society we have, the disease of culture that runs rampant in this world. We demand our food hot and semi-fresh and we take it in the car. We no longer subscribe to the notion of play or fun. The spreadsheet is due Monday morning, no Timmy I can’t take you on a walk. I can’t physically scale that jungle gym. I am sorry Mrs. Pritchet; I can’t get your nice cat out of that tree. How many times in your kids’ life have you canceled a play date? Watched as they tirelessly run, jump and play. And think to yourself, god, I wish I had that much energy. You do, remember all “play” is scalable to your ability. Get up, go out and do something. You never know when it might be your child caught in the burning building. It might be your child drowning in the middle of the lake. It might be you being chased by a rabid dog. Nothing too dire as this will probably happen, but (as my glass half empty wife likes to put it) What If? What if?

Drink up fellow Zoo inhabitants,

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