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WOW, I’m back


I have been absent from my preaching pulpit for a few weeks now.

I have fallen off the health band wagon a few times in there as well. It’s hard in today’s commercialized society not to beat yourself up over a missed meal here or a cookie there. I have been keeping up with the minimalist amount of fitness. My work out of the weeks (WOW) have still been done, I have included a few runs and heavy lifting days. I even got a new bike, deciding to do my first Triathlon next June. I haven’t lost weight and I haven’t gained weight.

The problem of snacking is still present. The problem of eating bad things is still present. The late night bowl of cereal, the pop tart, Danish, doughnut, it goes on and on… Here is something common; you tell yourself you’ll skip breakfast, lunch or dinner (or all three) to flush the crap from your system. Hhmmm, I think it’s still there? So I am still doing bad things. On a better note I am finding new and exciting recipes for a more Paleo fair. I will try and get together a post on my new Gluten free, flour free Hamburger buns. Trying more salads and fruits. It is still a challenge every week to get the best food I can when my family doesn’t subscribe to the same philosophy. Certainly can’t bust out a big salad for the family anytime I want. Hard enough to get them to eat green beans let alone any other vegetable.

I know I am old enough and dumb enough to try new things and know if they are good let alone good for me. It’s another thing to get my kids to try new things without forcing them into it. I don’t agree with forcing anything on my kids besides good behavior.

I wanted to take a moment and share my WOW’s for the last two weeks. These are a part of the Primal Fitness program introduced by Mark Sisson on Mark’s daily apple. I suggest you join his newsletter group and get your hands on his fitness guide. This is a very succinct guide to a primal lifestyle. It is a structured outline to fitness, which I am not a fan of in a lifestyle. But, you can adapt it to your needs and desire. I find it very easy now, to feel like doing this tonight or that tomorrow. The same goes for a diet, or a lifestyle for that matter. It is what you take from it and use to your ability. It is an awesome guide to mold your training calendar into a play calendar. Like your diet lifestyle, it points out good to do’s and bad to don’ts. I have already spoken at length in previous posts on the thought behind a primal lifestyle. Moving slowly and sprinting when you can. Mimicking a hunter gatherer lifestyle. WOW’s taken the “hunting for Rabbit” and turns it into a very well done exercise.

Week fours WOW

The Dash, Lug and Burp.

8 cycles for time:

50 Meter Sprint
50 Meter Carry
Max Burpees (with Pushups and Jumps)*

This workout is designed to be done with a partner. See the “How-to” section below for instructions.


Warmup: A couple rotations of the Grok Squat and a few 50 meter runs at moderate effort.

WOW: Dash, Lug and Burp:Stand 50 meters from your partner. Sprint to your partner, pick up the weight and return to your starting position as quickly (and safely) as possible. Then perform burpees until your partner has completed their cycle of sprint and carry. In this manner the weight will move from one end of the field to the other, back and forth, and partners will alternate performing the sprint/carry and burpees for 8 cycles.

Use a suitable weight for your ability level (20-50 lb will do for most people). Any type of weight (slosh tube, medicine ball, plate, old bowling ball, large rock, etc.) and carrying position (on shoulder, at chest, overhead, etc.) will do. This WOW was tested with a 50 lb sandbag, alternating shoulders during the carries, and is the recommended method.

Record your time. Submit your time and weight(s) in the comment board below.

*How to Perform a Burpee (with Pushups/Jumps): Drop down into the squat position. Place your hands on the ground about shoulder width apart and jump your legs back so that you are in the standard pushup position. Perform a pushup. As you come up from the pushup jump your legs forward so that you are back in the squat position. From the squat position jump straight up so that your feet leave the ground and your arms come up over your head. Here is a decent.


Solo: If performing this workout solo sprint 25 meters out and back before performing the carry out and back. Then do max burpees for 30 seconds to complete one cycle.

Weight variations: Lorenzo Lietti, the creator of this workout, suggests using a kettlebell, slosh tube (or barbell) and a sandbag for this WOW, carrying them in the following manner for the 8 cycles:

  1. Sandbag on right shoulder
  2. Slosh tube in rack position
  3. Kettlebell overhead right hand
  4. Sandbag overhead two-handed
  5. Sandbag left shoulder
  6. Slosh tube in rack position
  7. Kettlebell overhead left hand
  8. Sandbag overhead two-handed

Being the geek that I am, no one has even remotely venture outside their norm to join me so all of these have been done in the SOLO variety! I created a sand bag from two black heavy duty trash bags, wrap with electrical tape, wrapped with-in old shirts and then put inside a duffel bag. I love this duffel because it has carrier straps on the top, but also on each end. It weighs around 65lbs. I also made a slosh pipe that is 8 feet long and 3 inches in diameter. Filled half full of water and capped. My kettlebell is around 10lbs.

I am not going to stroke my ego and say this is easy or simple. It kicked my ass. My burpees looked like I was a fish flopping. My sprints were a shame. And my hefting of objects was at best lame looking. The best part was I completed all 8 rounds. This one will be put into a rotation so that I can continue again in the future.

Week fives WOW

Fight and Flight

Total max reps in 3 cycles of:

30 seconds Decline Pushups
30 seconds Box Jumps*
30 seconds Pull-ups
30 seconds Shoulder Press Pushups

Finish workout with a 15 minute Run

This workout is designed to be done with a partner. See the “How-to” section below for instructions.


Warmup:A couple rotations of the Grok Squat and Grok Hang.

With a partner, alternate 30 seconds of moving with 30 seconds of rest. For example, while you are completing max reps in 30 seconds of Decline Pushups your partner is counting your reps aloud and cheering you on. As soon as your time is up it’s your partners turn to complete max reps in 30 seconds of Decline Pushups and your turn to rest and encourage your partner. Tally your total reps and report your score in today’s comment board.

After completing 3 cycles of each of the 4 movements finish the workout with a 15 minute run.

*How to Perform a Box Jump: Stand in front of a box, step or other stable, elevated platform. With both feet jump up onto the platform. Step down with one leg then the other and repeat. The height of the box you use depends on your fitness level and what you feel comfortable with. Beginners should start with a box height around 12 inches. If you are reasonably fit a box height of anywhere from 18 to 27 inches, with 20 inches (about knee height) being common, is suitable.


Once again this week I am a loner, no support. I had a lot of confidence in this one going pretty simple. My only hang up is in the pull ups. My fatness limits my ability to do these. The important part again, is that I did them. In fact I did a lot of reverse pull ups. This is where you jump up and pull yourself up to the bar and very slowly lower your body down. All in all this was a good one. My form stayed consistent throughout the entire time. Total time for the three rounds was just under 14 minutes. The run was a little less than spectacular, but DONE. I even jumped on my new Bike and rode all out for 10 minutes.

Week fives WOW was completed on Tuesday night at my local elementary school. I trade between my backyard and the school. The school has monkey bars for pull up bars and excellent things to do box jumps on. Not to mention the large play field for my sprints.

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