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WOW – October 18th


I hope to get this week’s WOW accomplished this week? I will try and gets some pictures of this one, maybe even a video or two. I have visions of mounds and trees dancing inside my head on this one. Taking my weighted sandbag out to the old rock pile and wooded area sounds like a blast.

WOW: Bringing Home the Kill

1 Mile Carry (1/4 of your bodyweight)

Variations on this WOW are encouraged. See the “How-to” and “Variations” sections below.


Warmup:A couple rotations of the Grok Squat and Grok Hang.

Time to complete: Approx. 20 minutes

Grok regularly carried heavy objects over long distances. Whether moving camp, carrying baby Grok to and fro all day long or bringing home the kill, carrying was a part of Grok’s life. And it should be part of yours, too.

Grab a heavy object (kettlebell, heavy rock, water jug, barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, loaded backpack, weight vest, etc.) that amounts to a quarter of your bodyweight and carry it 1 mile. That’s 40 lbs for an individual that weighs 160.

I recommend changing your carrying method over the course of your trek. Put the weight on one shoulder, then the other. Carry it in one hand, then the other. Place it across your arms or bear hug the weight. Drop it in a backpack or tie the weight up in a towel and throw it over your shoulder. Do whatever it takes to get your “kill” from point A to point B. There are no time limits and faster isn’t necessarily better. Take breaks as you need them, but try to keep moving and from placing your weight on the ground. Once you reach the 1 mile mark you’ve successfully brought home the kill.

Give this WOW a try and report back in this comment board with your experience.


While you can “just” walk and carry the weight, I do recommend throwing some natural movement patterns into this WOW. Grok’s environment wasn’t always perfectly flat and smooth like the paved streets and sidewalks of suburbs and cities across the modern world. Venture out onto a trail where the terrain and grade is less certain. Alternatively, find a long flight of stairs or a tall hill and work it into your mile trek. Also, spontaneously perform a few lunges or side steps, make use of the sidewalk step, walk in a crouching position, or vary your pace. The idea here is to add a fractal quality to an otherwise low, slow and steady workout.

To decrease the difficulty:

  • Decrease the distance.
  • Use a lighter weight. Shoot for a lower bodyweight percentage (e.g. 10 or 15%).
  • Go low, slow and flat.

To increase the difficulty:

  • Increase the distance (e.g. 2 or 3 miles or more).
  • Use a heavier weight. Shoot for a higher bodyweight percentage (e.g. 50 or 100%).
  • Vary your pace, get spontaneous with your movement patterns, trek on uneven ground, and work in some stair/hill climbs.

Do it indoors:

  • A 1 mile walk takes about 20 minutes. Do this WOW indoors by moving about your house for that duration of time. Keep things interesting by working in some spontaneous natural movement patterns (see above).

This WOW can be done by anyone that can walk and carry an object. It can be done indoors and outdoors, and the only equipment needed is some kind of weight. Attempt the WOW as prescribed or adjust it to suit your fitness level.

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