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30 day challenge, what’s stopping you?


30 Day guarantees,
total money back, full satisfaction guaranteed! This is a very
common offer you hear with almost anything you buy. Now you can
even get a guarantee on a diet! I hear of guaranteed weight loss
diets all the time, radio, TV, magazines. It’s big business. There
is one guarantee they tend to leave out though. That’s the
guarantee that you will gain the weight right back. I have personally
dealt with the weight loss yo-yo. I have been lured into the diet
fad many times. The fitness fads for that matter. I am a P90xer! I
had the Tony little Gazelle! The AB cruncher anyone? There are good
and bad with everything out there. I did lose weight with south
beach, Atkins. But it didn’t stay off. Or maybe it was me not
sticking to it? I lost a lot of weight and gained muscle with P90X.
But who the hell has one and a half hours a day to devote to
working out? I came to the Primal Diet or Paleo diet through a
medical need. With wonderful side effects of weight loss and more
energy, just to name a few. I have a whole new outlook on food. I
regularly experiment with new and exciting food and recipes. To the
chagrin of my family, who have to sometimes suffer through my new
found foods. I am able to fall asleep normally, no longer requiring
a book, TV or stimulus to fall asleep. I wake rested and ready. I
enjoy my food with verve now. I taste intricate and often subtle
parts of my dishes. I am far more open to new things and
experimenting with old recipes. I have the wonderful chance of
reducing my exercise load from hours a week to maybe an hour a
week. Oh, and I have lost about thirty pounds in 9 months, and kept
it off with ease. All I am asking for is 30
Would you be able to live without processed
food for 30 days? Live without fast food for 30 days? Can you
commit to trying something for 30 days knowing you can go back to
your old ways (if you choose) after this time? What would be the
worst part of this? Missing your favorite foods. Not getting the
McDonalds French fries for 30 days. What would be the best part?
Can you put yourself into the paragraph above? More energy, less
weight. New ideas, better outlook on food. All I am
asking for is 30 days
Ask yourself, with a little
commitment and a lot of support, can I do it? I am willing to offer
up my support and get you to understand a more primal existence.
Understand the benefits of eating healthy and clean. Exercising
without a membership. Re-evolve to a new you. Re-establish a new
you. Re-invent a new healthier you. I want to give you some quick
and easy to understand first steps. This comes from Robb
Wolf’s getting started primer
. And excellent source for
all paleo needs.

  1. Clean out the
  2. Go shopping
  3. Cook!
  4. Go for a walk
  5. Sleep!

Clean out the
Without paraphrasing everything word for
word. Clean your pantry of the high carb and processed junk. This
means everything that is processed, yes pudding is processed. What
man could not find in a field or forest needs to go. As stated very
well by Robb Wolf, take these items to your local food bank and
donate them. Go shopping Now fill the
pantry with food that is worth eating. Including;
Lean Protein: Figure anything from the
land, sea and air. If it fits those categories, you’re safe to eat
it. Obviously the more organic or fresh the better. Options like
grass fed or free range are also best, but far more expensive.
Typically the rarer (find not temp) the more lean it will be,
Buffalo, elk, salmon, ostrich.
Veggies: Like protein, you ideally
want this to be as organic as possible, local or homegrown is best.
We don’t all have access to homegrown or farmers market, don’t let
this be a deal breaker. Just eating veggies is a great start.
Fruit: Limit your fruit intake to 1
serving per day if fat loss is your goal. Otherwise eat as much as
you like. Fats: Olive oil (extra
virgin), coconut, avocado, macadamia, almonds, walnuts (all whole
or in oil). If fat loss is your goal, limit to 1 – 2oz per day.
Odds and ends: Herbs, Spices, Garlic,
Pepper, cinnamon, etc… get as many herbs as your budget allows.
Your taste buds will thank you. Without the processed junk in the
way, your taste buds will be alive to new flavors.
Cook When cooking try to have protein
in every meal. 4 – 8 oz of lean protein, chicken, lean beef,
turkey, pork, seafood. Load up on veggies, raw, steamed or lightly
cooked. Finish the meal with good fats from avocados, olive oil or
a handful of unsalted nuts (almonds, walnuts, macadamias or
pecans). Try to eat three to four meals a day. Limit to one serving
of fruit and small servings of nuts if your goal is weight loss.
Go for a walk Get outside and move
around. Take the kids for a walk or just take one by yourself. No
trainer needed and no IPod needed. Just you and your thoughts.
Maybe your partners thoughts too.
Key to any health is sleep. Black out your
room and get 8-9 hours of sleep every night. Refrain from any TV or
email at least 1 hour prior to bed. All I am asking
for is 30 days
And I will show you the benefits to
the paleo diet. Do you have diabetes, GERD, Hypertension, high
cholesterol, any other myriad of diseases of the civilized world?
Give this lifestyle a chance and see if it can help you. See if it
can reduce your symptoms. Now granted I am not your doctor, any and
all changes to diet or exercise should be discussed with your
primary physician. But, by all means, talk this over with him or
her. Get their input. If they dismiss this as a fad, ask another
doctor. These doctors are here for your health, not a payback from
a pharmaceutical. Don’t allow your physician to offer a pill to
solve your problems and only a pill. Make him or her open their
mind to a more holistic and time tested approach to medicine and
health. If they are in this for you and your health then they will
be open to any and all approaches. If their pockets are lined by
Pfizer and other large pharmaceuticals, then they will debunk any
and all health benefits from you or anyone else. I have nothing
against anyone taking a pill for an ailment; I am against it for
myself though. I believe nutrition and any other holistic, natural
approach should be considered long before a pill is prescribed. My
preaching is done.

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