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The complication with conformity


A complication with conforming to your lifestyle means making sacrifices.

The company I work for celebrates anniversaries with treats. Saying thank you for five or more years of your life spent behind a desk.

I understand they aren’t going to throw a three course meal with flank steak and au gratin potatoes. It makes sticking to your guns very difficult. Course the donuts from the other day didn’t help either?

I don’t think a plate of veggies would go over very well either though?

I suppose if all else fails, we can always fall back upon our other crutches.

The epitome of an oxymoron. Yes, this is along the same lines as Military intelligence, Unidentified Flying Objects and the perfect push-up.

I suppose they meant to say “helps cause diabetes”. Geez, someone could get confused and think it helps “cure” diabetes!

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