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This will be a 12 part look into the 12 basics of movement. To summarize the 12 movements are;

Walking – part I

Running – part II

Jumping – part III

Moving on all fours – part IV









This week we will look into the fifth of the essential movements.

Balancing is a stuff act. From balancing the budget to balancing your time. It is never an easy thing. Balancing is also more than walking a tight rope or a log over a creek. Balancing done right is a full body work out. Balancing incorporates balance of your entire body, or something on your body, i.e. a dumbbell, slosh pipe or other weight.

There are a lot of different ways to incorporate balancing into your routine. Obviously one of the easiest ways, seen below, can be a balance beam.

Balance beam

A balance beam is a great way to develop the fine motor skills involved in balancing. This balance beam was developed at the Strengthbox in Toronto. This was developed with a MOVNAT mindset, using natural movement as a base. You can use this on your feet, knees, hands, belly and many other ways. Bring in speed or stealth. I love the idea of using it as an obstacle course. They used both jumping obstacles (gates) to go under, as well as jumping obstacles to go over.


Speaking of MOVNAT, I would like to think we all, by now, know the concept behind MOVNAT and Methode Natural. I have spoken at length over the entire life of this blog on the benefits of MOVNAT and of natural exercising. The pictures above illustrate nicely the many different styles to balancing. From balancing on a log to squatting and throwing a stick to a partner. Balancing a log on your shoulder, to balancing you body while hanging from a tree branch. You body traveling through nature is a balance between chaos and order. Having your body in tune with nature creates peace and order and through this balance.

Incorporating all of these movements into one? We are now on our fifth of the twelve essential movements. By now we can certainly start to put these together. I am always drawn back into an obstacle course. They are fun and wicked work outs. They are loved both kids and adults. We can throw these together usually with the most bare of essentials. I prefer to use my local playground or my back yard. Referring to an earlier post “If you can find a path without obstacles, it probably doesn’t lead anywhere” where I built an obstacle course in my back yard. Thinking in a more 12 essentials mindset, I can see where I strayed from my true nature and where I can improve. Walking, running, jumping, moving on all fours and balancing can easily be combined and used separate in this obstacle course, while giving back a whole lot of feedback. Clambering up a tree branch, balancing before jumping off, balancing on top of a swing set, walking across before jumping off.

Of the five essentials we have discussed, what can you do with these? Let me know what you are doing to add these movements into your daily life. Leave a comment with some examples or some ideas, let us know.

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