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This will be a 12 part look into the 12 basics of movement. To summarize the 12 movements are;

Walking – part I

Running – part II

Jumping – part III

Moving on all fours – part IV

Balancing – part V

Climbing – part VI

Lifting – part VII






This week we will look into the eighth of the essential movements.

We carry things from when we are born to the day we die.

When we are young we carry our little Betty dolls and GI Joes, as we age we carry overloaded backpacks to and from class. As we leave childhood we carry around overloaded purses, wallets, grocery bags and the like. Into our middle age we carry kids, grocery bags, shopping bags and still more overloaded bags.

Carrying around baggage is the way of life. We have progressed from bringing home the kill on our shoulders to bringing home the basket of grains from the field.

Much like the turning point in our human ancestral health. The agricultural age was the turning point in our fitness as well.

We no longer trekked far and wide and followed the herds. We allowed the herds to come to us.

We began to go to the edge of our family plot or tribal zone and kill what we could and carry home.

We developed the wheel from our malaise, the wheel to help us carry our overloaded bushels and bags of grain.

Fast forward to today and you will see the utmost attention towards anything and everything to help divest us from the back breaking overloaded activity of carrying.

We still carry our young around, but when was the last time you saw an American carry a bushel of veggies out of the field on their head?

When was the last time you took the stairs over the escalator or elevator?

A personal story. I purposefully live in a town of around 8 to 900 people. I can count the blocks wide or the blocks long of our village on two hands. The circumference alone is perhaps two miles. Yet people still drive to the library, four blocks away. People still drive to the store, two blocks away.

We have become a short cut society!

Most people will tell you they do this because they are tired from a long day at work. I say what do you do, thinking “yeah, a nurse would be walking all day” or “A construction worker is on their feet all day”. Most say they sit at a desk and are mentally strapped by the end of the day. It’s hard enough to get up the energy to order their mocha latte on the way home!

Now, this has not just been applied to carrying things. It has been applied to all of our life, both diet and fitness.

It’s easier for Mom or Dad (or both) to hit the drive in lane for dinner than to muster the brain power to throw separate ingredients together in a concise and flavorful manner.

So how has this all related to carrying? Just as the illustration above and to the left shows, we now consider the old ways to be a joke. I can’t tell you how many looks I get when I carry my little one in a carry-all like at left. Whilst I took all my girls out for a day of hiking, we came across several other families. They had their expensive strollers with the big knobby tires and dual suspension. Mom and Dad with their matching colored track suits. I’m sure baby had a matching one too.

Well, while they got stuck on a root, we blew past them. Even this last week. My kids and I were out playing in the new foot of snow. My younger daughter was getting tired so I carried her home. It wasn’t a mile but it wasn’t 50 feet either (but it was through a lot of snow!). Imagine the track star family; could they have helped their kids home? Would they have run home, grabbed the stroller and ran back to load them in and take them home.


This is all I see any more. Let’s make an effort to get back to our primal ways.

So, what do I do to incorporate lifting into my life?

So, not only do I shun the new shortcuts to life, I also shun the new age fitness routines. Like our tribesman at left, I incorporate a “Carry home the kill” routine as much as possible. From my lifting article, you can take any one of those heavy objects and bring home the kill.

I try and make things more difficult to try and emulate the older ways. Krog the caveman didn’t have a paved road to carry the Auroch home from the savannah. There were hills, valleys, dells, mountains, streams, creeks, predators to wage through.

I guess I seemed to have rambled through half of my post this week. You want to try and incorporate at least one day of heavy lifting a carrying. I have illustrated a few of my favorites last week and this week. I also have used some Olympic weight bars to carry a load bear style.

Just like everything else, you need to get out and do it!

It doesn’t matter if it is a duffel bag full of sand or a toddler, getting out and doing it is the most important thing. Be sure to add in the terrain too. I personally like multiple types of terrain. Going from flat to hilly or flat to rocky is great. Think of going for up and down as well. I find it great to go into a wooded area and go over and under branches (not necessarily great when carrying a toddler though!).

Leave some comments on what you are doing to get going and get fit, or what you have been doing.

So go out and get fit!

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