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The unprocessed, low carb, high fat, high protein and no BS challenge.


The unprocessed, low carb, high fat, high protein and no BS challenge.

I feel bad that there are so many people out there conjuring up their own 30 day paleo challenge. I shouldn’t feel so bad since my own 30 day challenge was met with so much traffic and attention!

Even I have been lacking not only the last few weeks!

I have been stretching the 80/20 rule a little too much perhaps in the last few weeks. But, it is strange when you are in a place in your mind that there is little to no guilt. I for one have been through the diet zig zag routine. I felt guilt for even looking at a donut.

These days I feel guilt for not cooking enough chicken breasts.

The last year has been good to me. I have lost weight and gained a good understanding of my body. No that’s not a guy’s only joke. With the help of Robb Wolf NYT best seller The Paleo Solution, I can understand how our bodies work and function. I can take that knowledge and tweak my life, my diet and fitness. So, what are my resolutions for the New Year?

I resolve to not set resolutions for 2011!

Setting yourself up for failure with a resolution is tricky (Not!). I resolve to lose weight in 2011! So, you are saying you lose 1lb and you’re good? So on January 2nd after your morning constitutional, you’re good for the year? I resolve to work out more etc…

You can see that these are all true in the eye of the believer.

I resolve to make a better body, more fit, better feeling and damn better looking naked!

I promise there will be no before and after pictures of the last part! But, seriously. Setting attainable goals is the only way to go. Vagueness only gives you a better excuse to fail. The vagueness of my resolutions will be the mantra from above.

I am still developing goals for the New Year but they will be detailed and firm numbers or thoughts.

I hope to share my goals or plans with you here; I hope you do the same.

I look forward to hearing from everyone on your own goals. Please, by all means let me know what your plans are. I promise I won’t copy them!

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