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This will be a 12 part look into the 12 basics of movement. To summarize the 12 movements are;

Walking – part I

Running – part II

Jumping – part III

Moving on all fours – part IV

Balancing – part V

Climbing – part VI

Lifting – part VII

Carrying – part VIII





This week we will look into the ninth of the essential movements.


Pick something up, no matter the size, and throw it.

There, you’re done.

I found the image at left I my search for throwing. This is a perfect example of throwing.

Most people think throwing they think of just the arm movement and shoulder. Look at the picture closely enough and you can see the tension and strain on the face, the upper body and I can imagine throughout the entire body.

How do we put throwing into our routine?

I’m going to try and stay on subject this week. I tend to stray (as I am doing now) off to subjects besides what I am writing about.

Where do we begin with throwing? I suppose we start with the spear, stones, rocks, pebbles, wood, etc… Throwing has been around long before we were. Certainly there is no other creature that has perfected its use as us.


The spear

Besides the club, the spear is synonymous to the early man hunter gatherer. The spear would be used for precision throws. I like to use smaller rocks for this. But, there is truly no better method than to pick up a good piece of wood and throw it. Obviously the spear was developed with weight, balance and trueness in mind. At some point I would like to find a very true stick a fashion my own spear.

Stones, Rocks and Pebbles

These items are great for all types of lifting, carrying and throwing. I tend to find all different sizes. As many as I can. I will change from an overhand to and under hand throw. As well as a weighted squat, which we have used in a WOW in the past.


Wood is treated a lot like stones and rocks. I like to take up sticks or branches and hurl them across the yard. For those that have the ability to use a partner, I suggest taking a stick and whilst running alongside each other. Try throwing it back and forth. This is a great way to work the hand – eye coordination techniques. This can of course be scaled down to standing across from one another and throwing back and forth.

Throwing is a great addition to any work out, and amongst the items I have talked about above, there are a large assortment of other tools and items that you can use. Just keep in mind like most workouts it is about proper form not mass reps.

Now go out and throw something.

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