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This will be a 12 part look into the 12 basics of movement. To summarize the 12 movements are;

Walking – part I

Running – part II

Jumping – part III

Moving on all fours – part IV

Balancing – part V

Climbing – part VI

Lifting – part VII

Carrying – part VIII

Throwing – part IX




This week we will look into the tenth of the essential movements.



I will actually carry over my thoughts from last week into this post.

Catching has all to do with good hand eye coordination. What you want to get away from is the backyard toss around with Mom or Dad. As we discussed last week in the article on Throwing, a great addition to your throwing would be to run alongside a partner whilst throwing and catching a stick. Also seen at left is a squat performed while doing this.

I will also add a squatted throw of a medicine ball to my routine. I throw a 12 or 15lb medicine ball against a wall and catch it on the rebound.

I would like to find other ways of catching, but I am limited to a single user interface!

I hope there are a few of you out there that read this and will post me a comment with some of your ideas?

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