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Midwest Primal Fest is nigh!


Midwest Primal-Fest & Athletic Games

It’s been a few months since I announced our intentions for bringing a Paleo centric fest to the Midwest and Wisconsin.

We are down to just two months till grass will be emerging from its white blanket. Shoes will again be chucked off.

Things have been progressing very slowly here as well, I seem to hibernate during the winter months.

I have left the original post in its entirety for those that may have missed it the first go around. It will be at the bottom of this posting.

We are still on a schedule of late spring to bring the festivities to Wisconsin. I have scouted a few locations outside of Madison proper. I am hoping these will work great, they are farm pastures! The source for the piggies has been found! Although the actually festivities are still be worked out. Once the Farmers Market opens back up, I should be able to solicit vendors.

Again, if you are a vendor for grassfed, grass finished, organic or pure anything! Let me know!

Original post;

Where can a primal human show off his or her new loin cloth? Where can a modern day caveman flaunt their leopard print throws? Where o ‘ where do you find grass-fed beef? Where does the everyday non-zoo-human find a properly roasted pig?

Have you spent countless hours wondering these things? Are you having problems stepping into a Primal Lifestyle? Are you having a hard time finding good grass fed meat, Organic eggs, good organic anything? Coming in 2011, join us in the Midwest for the first annual Midwest Primal-fest.

I have spent years attending the local Highland games in Milwaukee. I go for the wonderful Scottish feast as well as a host of vendors you cannot find on a normal street corner, highland dancing, the Rugby. This is an even t that draws like minded people to the same location, year in and year out. Being 100% Scottish-Irish it is a great place to dust off the old Kilt and just be like everyone else. One thing, I don’t wear my kilt year round or very often at all really. I don’t really like Haggis that much! I can see Rugby in Madison. I thought to myself, there is ONE thing I am trying to do (or be!) year round and that is primal living. Where can I go for all things primal? Turn on my laptop and I can get any host of different sites to read through. Endless and endless Blogs on the subject (tooting own horn!) Message boards, comment posts, blog reel, and on and on. I can pick up a book and read a few chapters, which I do on a routine basis (any one done with their copy of “The Paleo Solution”?). I can hit up my local Farmers Market and weed through a long line of tree huggers, Birkenstock wearing hippies and weekend warriors. Hope to find that one Certified Grass Feed vendor. Where is my local chapter of “Primal Living today”, “Primal Blueprint Meet-up group”, and my “Paleo Diet Anonymous group”? I need more, I need a support group. I need a weekend Primal-Fest! I need to look forward to that one weekend a year where all things Primal come together in one location and we all howl at the moon.

In the spring of 2011, I hope to bring to the Midwest the premier Primal-Fest. But, I will need your help. Are you a vendor of Primal meat, veggies or fruit? Are you a vendor of primal wares? Are you a vendor of anything primal? I want to know you. I want to have booths upon booths of primal people ready to help you make that leap. Whether you have taken that leap or you are will to help others take it, we need you.

Right now I am hoping for a May or June weekend. I have a load of ideas for this weekend. Many of them are;

– Organic vegetable vendors – Grass-fed meat vendors

– Organic fruits – Local farmers

– Local CSA’s – Primal Athletic vendors

– Primal living coordinators – Primal lifestyle coaching

– Barefoot/Barefoot running clinics – Children’s activities

– Face painting – Primal Costume contest

The plan will be to begin the festivities on Saturday, have the whole gang roll in. We will have the entertainment portion, (costume contest, rock toss etc…) throughout the day.

I want this to be as kid and family friendly as possible. Many people feel this is a guy’s only chapter. Only guys can be primal, or Paleo. This will not be a stag party! I don’t think that would work too well. This will be open to all ages, races, sexual orientation and activity level.

So, with all of this in mind, what do you want to see at your Primal-Fest?

Locations are still being scouted but, at this point we have narrowed this down to two spots. Both are located in south central Wisconsin between Milwaukee and Madison. Due to the nature of the activities and the feast afterwards we will require the signing of a waiver, to take any risk away from the land owner as well as promoters, sponsors and the like. We are planning to have accommodations as far as toilets and the main feast of Deep pit roasted pigs! Due to this as well as the land use, there will be a small monetary fee needed. Now this has not been finalized yet either. I was thinking $20 per Adult and all kids free. This way there will be a known head count, and we won’t risk running out of pig! Land usage, material and man hours. We should be able to provide onsite parking. And there will be campsites for everyone. What are your thoughts on this? We will be trying for sponsors and try to get costs reduced or eliminated. This being the first and an unknown number of guests brings this into question though.

Hopefully we can get the fun and games to reach into the wee hours of the night.

What are your thoughts? Is there anything else we can plan for on this? I hope someone can come forward with their own acoustic band to serenade us through the night? Perhaps someone would like to help sponsor this event? Help volunteer? Of course donations would be very welcome too? Anyone want to donate a pig?

Any help you may be able to provide is great. Let me know what you think of all of this and whether you would like to attend something like this.

Thanks for viewing,


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