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The Spartacus workout


The Spartacus workout

I have recently stopped reading Men’s health magazine since they cannot not pick a stance and stick to it. I have read the magazine at least cover to cover for almost three years. In that time they change their stance on food, gear, training, how to train, when to train and everything else under the sun. I realize different reporters, different reports. But just like our societies take on the food pyramid to our societies take on fitness, who are we to believe when no one agrees on one thing.

There is no set standard to live by.

This is of course how things are. The old mantra, “The true constant is CHANGE!”

Suffice to say, like my food choices, I have decided to listen to me heart and my mind. What I know best and what works for me.

Train to play.

I am beginning to feel the drips of the thaw. Here in the upper Midwest we are almost peaking around the corner at spring. I figure as of this writing we are a short six weeks from thaw and de-hibernating. My kids, my wife and I have pledged this year to be the year of outdoors. Between Geocaching and trail walking, we plan to be a staple in most of the state parks and other hidden gems in the state (or out of state) of Wisconsin.

So we still train indoors for now. I have tried to get out and sprint in my tiny hamlet, but alas, I am too snowed in. No excuse really, at least it’s a lame one. I really hate snow. I hate the cold even more. I can handle it, but damn I hate it. My company has actually built a gym and I am attending a “boot camp” twice a week. This has given the freedom to train with my partners (kids) at home now.

Most of our “boot camp” is taken wit plyometrics and body weight drills. So far they have been very effective.

This brings us to today’s update.

I have decided to enter the 20th century and film a short video of my new Spartacus workout. Now, yes, this does come from the wishy washy folks at Men’s Health. Yes, I do still receive their newsletter; yes I do still read it sometimes. This workout stuck out at me much like The Fitness Explorers 300 workout did and still does. It has limited use of weights (you can see in the video that I was reduced to using old weight plates from the basement that have not seen the light of day for 5 years) (you may also note that plates are DAMN hard to hold onto around the third round!), great body weight routines and over all a good time!

The gist of the routine works like this,

There are two sets of drills.

Each drill is 40 seconds in length

20 seconds rest between stations.

Once you have completed two rounds of set one, rest 2 minutes and begin set 2

Do this master set twice

I guess now you can put an ugly fat ass look to my rantings. (Yes, this is my attempt at a caveman look, not really I’m hibernating remember)

So, nothing too challenging, right?

I want to hear what you guys are doing. Braving the cold, or is it not even cold where you are (Damn this cold)? What keeps you motivated to train?

Remember from last week, the Midwest Primal Fest will be coming sometime this spring. I still have only heard from ….One person on this so I still hold out hope that someone actually reads this!

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