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Summertime fun


Summer time fun.

My family and I have spent some time in the Midwest park system lately.

Mother Nature finally figured out what she wants to do, either warm up or cool down. For our benefit, it decided to warm up lately.

I decided it was time to break free of the local back country trail I have been using lately. I came across a very large pile of deer droppings. No, I did not “Bear Grylls” that shit! I wasn’t that thirsty. I decided to try and track these deer. So, using my hyper senses and exemplary tracking skills (read: none!) I set off to find me some deer.

So, I know you can’t see anything in this video, but trust me the deer was there and it was large. OK, I know what you’re saying. This could have been any deer not the pooping culprit I thought I was following. Granted, but it was fun none the less. Now what is not visible is the sheer amount of walking, crouching, crawling, climbing and general fun I was able to get out of all of this. In the beginning of the video you can see the sheer amount of tree falls all around. I was able to get an awesome work out, out of just natural movement. Good god, go figure. As I have spoken of (AT LENGTH) Movnat is not a gym in the jungle, or a treadmill on a log. This is natural movement, ancestral reconstruction? And damn fun stuff.

So the outcome was coming across and chasing a deer for well over two hours. Illegally trespassing several times. I had no more than four ticks on me and I think the chigger bites are still gaping and pussing!

I am still battle scarred and scratched to the hilt but damn it was worth every second of it. Sure as hell beats a simple 30 minute trail run any day. Movnat is more than just a way to get in shape. It is not an exercise regimen. It is not a guide for shiny abs and bulging biceps.

“You are not “beach-ready” because your body shape looks good but when you can run, swim and carry someone out of the water.” – Erwan Le Corre, founder Movnat

“Anyone can be exceptional when all’s going well. Show us how you play when it’s all falling apart.” –Robin Sharma

Does lifting or squatting 3x your body weight mean you can carry a person for 3x the distance needed to save their life? You may be in peak physical condition, but can you save your life in any situation. Can you save another life in that same situation? When I started this journey I was interested in losing my gut and looking good naked, along with improving my health. I no longer view health the same way though. I am still maintaining the need to be able to crawl around and play with my kids or even my grandkids someday. But, I am more interested in real world health and fitness. Real world fitness is more than big bicep curls or squat numbers. Real world strength is functional fitness. Natural movement is the skills of our ancestors. Everyday living is about eating healthy whole foods and moving constantly in a natural way. What are your thoughts on this? What are you doing to improve your life?

In my opinion.

This week we learned that the “Tot Mom” Casey Anthony will be set free, after be acquitted of all serious charges. This has helped remind me of why I no longer consider the news from all major networks to be either news worthy or vital to my existence. When I can go out on my own and learn of far heinous acts then The Anthony murder.

Flavia, on her site Revolt against the modern world has posted a wonderful write up that I am sure took her no more than 5 minutes to compile.

{Begin rant}

Not only does this highlight where we are as a society but as individuals as well. I for one (I’m sure I am not alone?) am disgusted at times to be a human on planet earth, as well as an American citizen. This may rub a few of you the wrong way but, let’s look at this. First, this is my opinion, as an American I have this Government given right of free speech. This right has given me the power to blog, speak out or generally shout to the heavens about my views. According to our Government it is by that rule your right to listen to my views, right? Just like the schmucks from the West Baptist church in Topeka, KS. They have a freedom of speech “right” to protest against our soldiers and homosexuals. As much as I and the rest of the US despise their tactics, it is their freedom to do such. And by that same token it is also our “right” to listen to these individuals. Is all freedom of speech rights equal? Secondly, since when has the plight of the world been the burden of the United States of America? Since when has it been decided that a malnourished, deprived child in India, Kenya, Sumatra etc… deserve our support ( monetarily, militarily and physically) over a child in Detroit, LA, Houston etc… Thirdly, if I cannot tell lies, steal, cheat, deal underhandedly, be bribed or over look basic freedoms of every person around me then why have we elected people to do these things? And why do we allow these types of things to continue. Our Government feels it is in their best interest (as well as mine?) to tell me what I can do, say, who I can marry, how I can marry that person, where I can live, who I can do business with, how I can do business and a whole host of other over protective assaults on my freedom. Our constitution has been picked clean and over used for far too long. I wonder what our founding fathers would feel about a backwoods Arkansas man claiming he has full government support to own 50 guns and protest a black/gay/lesbian/Jew persons rights. Is there a limit to free speech before it comes to harassment? Or a level at which the right to bear arms is maybe too many arms? Who should be the judge of these things? Can we, should we trust an entity that has proven time and time again, to fail the common citizen with these rights anymore? Maybe we can get them to sell off our rights like they have with their debt?

Course these are the same people telling me what to eat too.

{End of rant}

Snapped at my local big box store. Who knew you could get most of your day’s nutrition in a cookie! God, to think I am wasting my time with whole foods, vegetable and meat! Ah dang!

It is amazing what they are doing with food these days. In fact I am no longer going to use that term. When I speak of Broccoli, I will call it food. Roast beef, food. Omelet, food. Bread, birdseed. Cookies, fake food. Mac and Cheese, fake food.

You get the idea. These products marketed to kids in the blind faith that they are going to actually get something good out of them are criminal.

Final thought.

So where does this leave us? I know what you’re thinking. Much like I tell my kids, I don’t hate you, I hate what you just did or I don’t hate you, I hate the way you act. Like any parent we know the ups and downs of life. Same goes for my love of America. As much as I am proud to be in America let alone an American. I sometimes hate the way we act, govern, think, treat and mistreat. I am not proud of our government figure or the government as a whole. I think we are broke, and broken.

On the same token, I hate many Americans. This doesn’t mean to say I am racist or in any way hate minorities. This is completely different. I hate people like Casey Anthony; I hate the mother that microwaved her 4 month old daughter. I hate the media for televising 24 hours a day about the Casey Anthony trial and neglecting the plight of the rest of the world. I hate that I can’t sit (or stand) in front of my TV and not be bombarded with filth, smut and disgrace. What has happened to us as a country, a race or as a society? How did we get to this? Health, sanity, fitness, diet, socioeconomic status. I think I might just give up, buy a farm in western Kansas and live on my own terms, off the grid. Oh, wait, my government would label me a terrorist, my peers would label me a social outcast and a terrorist. Ah whatever, I give up!

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  1. 07/07/2011 10:24 pm

    I had never heard of MovNat until I read this post. Sounds awesome! Did you attend one of their workshops?

  2. 08/07/2011 5:51 am

    No, I can’t afford both time and money for their 5-day retreat and their 1-days have not come anywhere close to me. Watching videos and just thinking naturally, you can get the gist of Movnat. I would definitely need more support for the more technical side of things. I have posted on the twelve natural movements in the past, running, walking, jumping, throwing etc… the technical side of Movnat teaches how to perform basic movements with the least amount of effort. My belief is, as long as you are moving and incorporating the twelve movements. So give it a shot when you work out, climb a tree or throw a rock!

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