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WOW – July 18th


Play, for 30 minutes:

Follow the Leader


Warmup: 30 second Grok Squat, lateral, forward, and backward leg swings (10 each leg), 1 minute Grok Hang.

This week’s WOW is going to be a fun one. You need at least one partner (though more are better) and some open space. Implements to play on and implements to pick up and play with are also recommended.

You’re going to play follow the leader. If you’re the leader, you’ll be “leading” the workout. The other(s) will be following. If you’re using implements (like sandbags, kettlebells, rocks, or weights), scatter them throughout the workout area. After warming up, start off with a slow jog. Then, start throwing in random moves. Dive and roll. Shuffle to the right. Take off sprinting, then drop into a crawl. Grab and toss a sandbag, pick it up again, shoulder it, and blast out a set of squats. Climb a tree, if you see it. Do a quick set of five pullups on those monkey bars. I’m not going to lay out a specific routine, because that destroys the essence of the WOW. Just keep things interesting, and slow things down if you need a bit of rest.

If you’re following, keep up! Do exactly as the leader does, and take some mental notes, because halfway through it’s going to be your turn to lead – and you can’t do the same stuff the previous leader did. If you have three or more people, make sure everyone gets a shot at being leader.

Hat tip to reader Ben for the inspiration for this WOW.

A few things to remember:

  • While this WOW will leave you breathless and possibly sore, it’s mostly about the doing. Enjoy yourself. Embrace the moments.
  • Try not to go in with a preconceived plan of action. Tap into that “flow” mind space and go from there. Do not rehearse.
  • Have fun!


Too many to name.

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